Afrika Mdolomba, owner of Travel With Afrika

Adventurous Group Travel Experiences.

Travel With Afrika is a specialist youth group travel company, launched in 2019 to fill a niche in the market place. Founded by myself, Afrika Mdolomba, we curate fun and adventurous group trips for contemporary young people – specifically local and international millennials. Travel is a deep passion of mine that has led me through phenomenal journeys through over 20 countries and I’ve turned that passion into a business.

The business was founded to fill a gap that exists in the market; adventurous group travel experiences to otherwise difficult-to-access locations, for young and like-minded people. Travel With Afrika aims to create experience-driven adventures at reasonable prices, whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality and client service.

Strangers become friends and live their best lives on Travel With Afrika group trips.


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10-16 May 2023
4-10 October 2023

21-30 June 2023
21-30 September 2023

Hiking to hole in the Wall

1-6 March 2023
8-13 November 2023

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